Financial Edge

The only fund accounting solution designed for nonprofits.

Blackbaud - Financial Edge

We understand the unique needs of nonprofits, and that’s why we created, The Financial Edge. Designed with nonprofits in mind, it helps nonprofit financial executives manage their accounting needs.

Superior Grant Management

When you make the process of managing grants easier, your office can take on more grants with less effort.

With The Financial Edge, you’ve got the best grant management solution on your side.
It’s no wonder our customers see a seven percent increase in revenue the year after they go live.

Easy-to-Use Budgeting Tools

Exceeding your budget can be detrimental for your organization. The Financial Edge offers the tools and data required to keep your organization on track and all of your budget information in one place.

You can budget by department, grant, program or project, and display the amounts on your reports to compare your progress against the budget.

Unparalleled Nonprofit Financial Reporting

Whether you’re preparing financial statements for your board, sending reports to funders, or providing expense details to organizational leadership, The Financial Edge makes accurate, actionable reports possible.

Understand and Control Costs

On average, Financial Edge customers see a three percent decrease in administrative expenses a year after going live. Whether you need to manage the purchasing process, allocate overhead expenses, track program costs against budget, or calculate depreciation for fixed assets, The Financial Edge has the tools you need to get the job done.